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Cone Beam Imaging in Big Rapids & Reed City

Cone Beam Imagining

Cone beam imaging, while a relatively new technology to dentistry, has already radically transformed the way dentists gather information. With it, our team has the ability to diagnose and plan treatments in a manner that previously could not even be imagined. It allows us to shift from diagnosing with a two-dimensional X-ray to using a fully 3D image. We are able to get a better visual of a patient’s mouth and more accurately pinpoint areas requiring treatment.

With cone beam imaging, we’re able to:

Cone beam imaging has become an essential step when placing dental implants. It allows us to get a highly-detailed look at a patient’s jawbone so we’re able to identify the perfect locations for their new teeth. Also, we’re able to spot the position of sensitive nerves within the jaw so we know to avoid them during the procedure. As a result, we cannot only ensure a successful treatment, but a fast and easy recovery as well.

This machine only takes a few minutes to use, but it provides an endless list of benefits for patient and doctor alike.